Veljko Dimic
Software Engineering Student at the University of Waterloo
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About Me

I am a Software Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. I have developed my love of computer science during my various internships, as well as various side projects. My goal is to utilize my passion and skills to create a better world and make an impact on the future of technology.

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Take a look at what I do in my free time


Simple Lisp-Like Language Compiler


WearHacks Waterloo 2016


WearHacks Waterloo 2017

Chrono Cube Timer

Android Application

Space Game Bot

Bloomberg Code B Hackathon


A brief look at my professional software development experience

  • Jane Street

    Software Engineering Intern

    -Worked on research infrastructure team to develop runtime telemetry hooks for tasks running on a compute cluster.

    -Worked on recruiting team to develop SQL recruiting database. Synchronized information from various sources into the database.

    -New York, New York

    -September - December, 2020

  • Yext

    Software Engineering Intern

    -Worked on both the Reviews and Listings teams, on products that monitor and manage reviews and listings for businesses.

    -Added user flow to identify listings, saving employee time and increasing turnaround time for the user.

    -Created new endpoints to reduce ElasticSearch Load.

    -New York, New York

    -January - April, 2020

  • Uber

    Software Engineering Intern

    -Architected and implemented data pipeline to show transit stops on the Uber homescreen, using internal frameworks for a scalable and asynchronous solution.

    -Authored internally reviewed documents on implementation of new transit features.

    -San Francisco, California

    -May - August, 2019

  • Formlabs

    Software Engineering Intern

    -Worked on PreForm, the slicing software used by all Formlabs printers.

    -Implemented core features such as reducing mesh neighboring time, and dynamically sizing supports based on part sizes.

    -Boston, Massachusetts

    -September - December, 2018

  • Honeywell

    Software Engineering Intern

    -Worked as a part of an agile team implementing core features of a flight planning engine.

    -Awarded silver medal by coworkers for initiative in integrating flight planning engine with other Honeywell technologies.

    -Atlanta, Georgia

    -Jan - April, 2018

  • rBux Inc

    Full Stack Web Development Intern

    -Experience with both front-end and back-end web development, using Ruby on Rails, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Frameworks used include Bootstrap, JQuery, Shopify API, and Bigcommerce API.

    -Spearheaded the new vendor website design and implementation.

    -Bracebridge, Ontario

    -May - August, 2017

  • University of Waterloo

    Software Engineering Student

    -I applied to the University of Waterloo's Software Engineering program with the intention of finding a practical application to my love of coding.

    -My primary intention with the coop program is to experience many different workplaces to decide where my skills will be best suited when I graduate.

    -Class of 2021

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